ZVL sporting day

Športový deň ZVL SLOVAKIA

Great ZVL sporting day was full of pleasant moments, good mood, sporting and gastronomic experiences. This all-day ZVL employee meeting was organized to evolve and strengthen good relationships by doing common sporting and relaxing activities. We started already early in the morning with this year news – ZVL bicycle race. This competition, organized on professional level, meant very nice adventure for everyone – every cyclist and even for passers, who were chanting and kindly supporting all the bikers in blue-yellow jerseys.
ZVL sporting day continued with traditional football match, women´s goal kicking tournament, volleyball tournament, individual table tennis competitions and many more sporting activities. For every winner was prepared nice and valuable award and all of ZVL employees, tired after all sporting performances, continued relaxing by tasty food, good music and pleasant conversation.

ZVL Slovakia was full of cycling fanatics also in the past. As a proof we bring you this archive photo of ZVL bicycle racers:

Pretekári ZVL Žilina

We would like to thank to all organizers, who made this year ZVL sporting day so great. We look forward already now for next year meeting.


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