ZVL SLOVAKIA develops its business activities in South Africa

ZVL SLOVAKIA finds South Africa an important and perspective export market. To intensify cooperation with our business partner we have attended numerous meetings with existing and potential customers during one-week business trip.

The first part of our business trip was focused on company presentation, product and ZVL brand introduction. The presentation took place in a conference hall of a pleasant Golf club area with more than 25 potential customers participating. They were mostly electric motors manufacturers, armature winders and customers from agriculture industry.

In the second part of our trip we have visited our OEM and maintenance customers directly in their premises. We have received a very positive feedback on ZVL bearings and we trust to develop a mutually beneficial and perspective cooperation with our business partner GB Bearings Pty. It was comfirmed that personal contact would be paramount to establish new business relationships in this territory. We have gathered plenty of new contacts and we are looking forward to future cooperations.


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