The Slovak and Czech ZVL Distributor’s Meeting

The Slovak and Czech ZVL Distributor’s Meeting was held on 9th, 10th December 2010. For the first time it was organized by ZVL SLOVAKIA a ZVL AUTO together. Actual status of intellectual property rights to ZVL brand and joint brand-building strategy were presented by management of both companies. ZVL SLOVAKIA and ZVL AUTO also informed participating business partners of 2010 business results as well as plans and development projects for 2011.
The spectacular mountainous region where the meeting was held and its snowy scenery gave the unofficial part of the programme a pleasant atmosphere. An excursion in the manufacturing facility of KIA MOTORS SLOVAKIA near Žilina was an interesting highlight of the second day. As per the positive reactions of all participants, in the future, the ZVL Distributors’ Meeting will be organized on a regular basis.

Stretnutie ZVL distribútorov
Stretnutie ZVL distribútorov

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