Rajecky marathon again thanks to ZVL

This year, the organizers of the Rajecky marathon had a new challenge in the form of a coronavirus, thanks to which it was not clear for a long time whether the event would be possible at all and what its final form would be. Finally, the favorable development made it possible to start thousands of runners and skaters from Slovakia, but also from neighboring countries, while very strong attention was paid to hygienic measures.

ZVL SLOVAKIA has been a long-term partner of this quality event and it was no different during its 37th year. People at ZVL not only support the event, but also take an active part in it, as evidenced by their participation in skates race, half marathon, relay race and even moderator positions. Of course, they were also present in the massive spectator scenery, which every year helps to create an indescribable atmosphere, which is typical of the Rajecký marathon. Although the hot weather bothered the competitors, it did not discourage them and they all successfully met at the finish line, where they deservedly took over the medal won.


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